Essential Oil Spotlight: Hope Touch

With each application of doTERRA Hope Touch, breathe in its uplifting scent while knowing your full purchase is part of a bigger cause—to help rescue precious children throughout the world.

22 Jun 2017

DIY: Beach Wave Salt Spray

If you want to maintain beautiful beach waves but don’t live near the ocean, you can use this simple Wave Spray DIY using Rosemary and Lemon essential oils to create your own beachy waves any day of the week.

15 Jun 2017

Using the Spice Essential Oils

Learn the many uses and benefits of the spice essential oils. Cooking with these oils not only enhances the flavors of the dish but carries over some of the health benefits of the spice oil.

08 Jun 2017

How to get Serenity & Immortelle FREE in June!

Learn how you can get doTERRA’s Immortelle Anti-Aging Blend and Serenity Restful Blend free in June!

01 Jun 2017

Steamed Shellfish in Aromatic Asian Broth Recipe

doTERRA Lime, Coriander, Ginger and Black Pepper essential oils lend an exotic flavor to this quick and easy to-prepare dish. Serve as an appetizer with some crusty bread to soak up the juices, or serve atop a bed of Carrot and Ginger Rice for a beautiful and flavorful main course.

30 May 2017

Essential Oil Spotlight: Coriander

While coriander is widely known for its use in the kitchen, it is clear that the benefits of Coriander oil reach far beyond the realm of cooking. Coriander oil is a unique oil that can be used internally to promote digestion,* aromatically for relaxation, topically for clear skin, and more

22 May 2017

Basil Essential Oil Infused Pasta

Learn an easy way to add flavor to your pasta using essential oils. Infuse your pasta with essential oils recipe.

15 May 2017

Using the Herbal Essential Oils

What else are herb essential oils good for besides cooking? Plenty, from aiding digestion, supporting the immune system, cleansing and even gardening! Read on for information about the unique benefits and uses of each individual herbal oil.

08 May 2017

Get 15mL dōTERRA Cedarwood FREE in May!

Learn how you can get a full 15 mL bottle of doTERRA’s Cedarwood Essential Oil Free! Hurry, limited time!

01 May 2017

Lemon Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Looking for new ways to use Lemon essential oil? Here are a few topical, aromatic, and internal uses for Lemon oil, along with the top Lemon oil benefits to help you get started

29 Apr 2017

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